Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yahoo vs. Google

Author and publicity guru, Lisa Renee Jones has suggested that I start a newsletter. I know, you might be thinking, So? But seriously, LRJ telling me to start a newsletter is like Nora Roberts telling me to write with a Bic pen. I'm gonna do it!

So, I formed a Yahoo group last night. The thing is, when I'm asked to join a Yahoo group, I am immediately turned off. I think, Another Yahoo group? Sheesh! Not to mention how Yahoo eats my posts! And I don't join.

I love all things Google. I got my gmail, my google spreadsheet, google chat. I could form a Google group. But not everyone is into Google like that. Maybe I should just go with the flow and sign up with Yahoo. Or should I stick with Google?

What do you think?

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