Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My fellow Freya's Bower Author and sister Romance Diva, Dayna Hart, has just released her first 'Bites', You Again.

Part I: Cherry
"Wild Cherry" is the music industry's newest wild child. Her attitude and outrageous behaviour hide a secret, one she intends to keep at all costs. One man, however, threatens everything. A reporter who wants to write the real story. Mac is the one man she shouldn't let past her defenses, and yet, she can't seem to keep him away.

Part II: Laurel
When he first walks into the bookstore-café, Laurel is drawn to Drex, though she couldn't explain why. The headaches begin soon after. She begins remembering things, though she can't tell if they're real, or simply the tortured imaginings of her mind. When she collapses at Drex's feet, she needs to learn the difference. Or die trying.

Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Bites
Price: $2.00

You can read an excerpt at

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