Monday, July 31, 2006

The Secret is Out! Yes, Rene, there is a Barry Manilow...

The winners of my Atlanta Secret contest are Rene, Stacy and Lis. E-mail me your snail mail, and I will send you some goodies. Also, let me know what kind of books you like, I probably have something for you.

Now, the explanation. A full of my chick-lit erotic novella, I've Got a Secret, was requested by an editor at a major publishing house and an agent. And a smaller house requested a partial of the same story, plus a partial of a erotic romantic suspense. So, Stacy was right and Lis was also correct in guessing my secret. And Rene, with the sly Barry Manilow comment, has also won some goodies.

I'll bet you are wondering what in world this has to do with Barry Manilow. Well, here's another secret of mine... I love Barry Manilow. I'm not one of those crazy, psychotic fans, but I am a major fan. I mean, I'm not a member of or anything, but I do have the boxed set. Anyway, when I started getting serious about writing, I thought it would be kind of cool to write a chick-lit with a Barry-lovin' heroine. I've since written Barry out (well, mostly), added some hot sex scenes, and my Barry-inspired chick-lit has morphed into I've Got a Secret.

So, yes, Rene, it has something to do with Barry Manilow.

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