Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Finally Won in Atlantic City!

Yes, I know I haven't posted in over a week, and as odd as it sounds, it wasn't for lack of anything interesting to write about. On the contrary, my synapses have been in overdrive. So, I had this totally awesome Thursday Thirteen planned for this week - 13 random mini-essays on the ideas bouncing around in my head. Then I completely crashed after work on Thursday. No problemo, right? I told myself, "Be different, be wild, Bebe. Just post the Thursday Thirteen on Friday." Ha. Friday the hubster took me out to dinner.

What was I to do? Post on Saturday? Good idea. However, through no fault of my own, I drove to Atlantic City today and ended up winning $200 on the nickel Wheel of Fortune machine. I never win. Seriously, I drove to A.C. to have lunch at the Borgata. My waiter talked me into playing the slots, because he had a feeling I would win today. And I did. Isn't that cool?

Now it's nearly Sunday, and I have to work tomorrow teaching orientation class to 30 or so new hires at the day job. So... no Thursday Thirteen this week. Besides, some of these ideas are just too good for a mini-essay!

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