Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BIAW & 1/2

I'm starting my very first BIAW(Book in a Week) today. Officially, the BIAW at Villa In Tuscany does not start until Monday. But I feel I need the extra time. So, I'm modifying it a bit - I'm doing BIAW&1/2.

I'm also getting back on the diet wagon today. I'll still be doing the LA Weight Loss Plan. (I mean, I spent a ton of money on it, so I might as well get something out of it!) I think I am going to modify the plan a bit, though. Right now, it is hard to keep up with. I'm hoping that I can get on a roll with diet, so it doesn't seem so much like work.

These are my two big goals for the next week or so. What are your current goals?

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