Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Conversation With Marty Kindall

Yay! Friday is finally here. (Am I the only one who gets messed up on holiday weeks? - I thought Friday would never get here!)

Here's a snippet of my conversation with Marty Kindall:

Bebe: Hi Marty. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Marty: I was born and raised in Ohio, and spent my college years in Michigan and Arkansas. I’m a college administrator and history teacher in a super-creative environment. To work with creative people has really been encouraging to me as a writer.

Bebe: How do you work writing in to your routine?

Marty: I have a fairly regimented weekday schedule--a definite start/end time to work. But with teaching, you also have preparation for class, grading, reviewing future materials. All of that takes time, too. I discovered the reward system works best for me--when I get done with everything on the “must do” list, then I’m free to write. I can usually string a couple hours together each evening and more on weekends.

Bebe: You have an e-book out with Wild Rose Press. Tell us about the story.

Marty: My book, The Knot was released earlier this month, but The Wild Rose Press officially launches on Sunday, September 10 (check my blog for details). The Knot is ultimately a story about redemption and the power of love. I didn’t intend for it to be a mystery/suspense story--that’s not my main gig--but it took that twist and I went with it...

Okay, you know the deal - pop over to Conversations With Almost Famous Writers to read more about Marty and to find out where she finds the best eggroll!

Egads! I promised a poll. Well, you shall have one... this afternoon. I have to dash off to work, and I haven't figured out how to post the poll, yet! So, check back soon, and in the meantime, go read Marty's interview.
Have a great day!

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