Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Psychic Phenomenom

Happy Thursday, All.

So... I'm not doing a Thursday Thirteen again this week. I really, truly want to, but I can barely think of something interesting to write about on one topic, much less thirteen! Is there like a Thursday Two club or something?

I took another Tickle test while I was watching American Idol. Yawn. Well, except for Jon Bon Jovi, that is. That man is hawt! Anyway, here is the result - Take this test at Tickle

I'm a Precognition!

The ESP Test
Brought to you by Tickle

I have to say, I never heard the term precognition before. The following is how Tickle describes it:

Precognition is the ability to know things ahead of time. Nostradamus is one famous example of a person with precognitive powers. However, there are many psychics who claim they can tell the future. The more precognitive power you have, the greater your chances will be of knowing about events before they happen. Precognition can come in many forms. One of the most common and reliable of these is through dreams. Dreams can sometimes provide very credible information about future events; however, this form of precognition can often be hardest to believe and interpret. Perhaps this is because your dreams don't seem as real or tangible as knowledge that comes to you while you're awake. That's not to suggest that all dreams are predictions of the future — far from it. Most dreams have nothing to do with precognition. Still, learning to use your dreams as guides, and becoming able to discern which dreams anticipate future events, can be very valuable skills.

Even people who have not honed their precognitive abilities sometimes have episodes of precognition. For example, an old woman named Judy awoke one morning with a strong feeling that her long-lost son would show up that afternoon. As she ran her errands that morning and visited with her friends, she told all of them that her son would be visiting that day. They reminded her that he had up and left years ago and told her she was crazy to think he was coming. Even with their doubt and ridicule, Judy was so sure of her precognition that she turned down other afternoon plans so that she could sit home and wait. That afternoon a car pulled into her driveway. It was her son whom she had not seen in 12 years. Even Judy was amazed that her intuition had been correct. She was thrilled to tell her son that she had been waiting for him.

Overall, I scored 98 out of 100, which means that I scored higher than 98% of people who took the ESP Test. Plus, Tickle asked a number of objective questions that have definite right and wrong answers to them. A person randomly guessing on the answers to these questions would normally get at most 1 correct. I got 3 out of 4 correct, which apparently translates to a very strong psychic ability in this area.

Cool, huh? This could open lots of doors for me. For example, if the writing thing doesn't work out, I guess I could get a job at the Psychic Friends Network.

As if.

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